Aruna Ganga

I am another you

true to all that is alive

spirited from the heart

gifted through magic & art

all together we thrive!

I welcome you to my new (virtual) home!

My birth name is Derk Brand but i go by as Aruna Ganga, received as my soul name. I am born in Breda the Netherlands 4th of november 1982. Since a year i have dedicated most of my free time to the art of creating art, even though i was very dedicated to drawing before i could even walk!

I lost my creativity as soon the computer games, comics & cartoons entered my life and only came back when i started the art academy in 2004. But my focus on my art only came in may 2019 one year after my dad left the body. As it was his wish to complete a painting that i didnt get to finish while he was alive. And so it got finished exactly one year on the same day when he left. From then on it has been sky rocketing! The first 5 months i combined painting with mixed media & collage. But after certain experiences at festivals i was inspired to use the digital medium to create UV art: neon colors with black background with the idea to create UV prints. Never i would have thought that from that moment on i would fully devote myself to creating art through the digital medium.

Thanks also to all the fantastic and most advanced tools like AI technology (Deepdream & Neuralstyle) i gained much mastery in creating anything that i want in relatively short time. 9 months and almost 300 works later on the creative digital journey, i feel like i am ready to really reach out and send these pieces of my soul into the world. With a webshop coming really soon i am sure it will provide me with everything to live a self-sustainable life. I have a collection of 13 works dedicated to the trees, which you can see also in the virtual ofrest galeryI I planned to add poetry to each work to give the tree spirit a voice for the message to be heard for the expansion of awareness.

Please check back in a week for the galery and more features for the website as well as a webshop coming soon!

Preview virtual forest gallery

My virtual forest gallery

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